Wednesday, January 25, 2017


‘Chilai’ in Tamil means idol. ‘Mayam’ here means not illusory. It is neither magical nor gorgeous like the Golden Dear that cheated Sita, the Crown Princess of Ayodya and wife of Rama in the jungle of Dandakarunya. But it is a marvelous idol with boundless beauty. We can’t see such an unique, matchless idol anywhere in the world. This was the most famous image at that time. The icon is remarkable for its grace and majestic for its expressions. The image is the ultimate in molded casting with immense art, craft and workmanship. It belongs to the Tamil soil, rooted with Tamil culture. It was few centuries ago the artifact idol disappeared (Mayam) from its own soil.

We all know that the Northern part of the Tamil Nadu is called Tondaimandalam. The region is nourished by the river Palaar and flourished with Tamil culture and tradition. Under the Chola rule from 9th Century A.D the arts, poetry, dance,  and temple building also flourished here. A war of succession to the Chola thrown, led to the outbreak of a war in this land like Kurushektra, some 1067 years ago. The war caused greater destruction, awful bloodshed that killed five lake soldiers and thirty thousand elephants, eleven thousand horses, than any other war took place in this region before. The Trial of strength was between Rashtrakudas and the rising Cholas in the year 949 A.D to prove their mighty and supremacy over this region. The battle field was Thakkolam near Arokonam wherein the CISF camp is now situated is also a co-incident.  

Now the curtain rises at this point and the first scene of the novel opens. It was a Chitra Pournami day evening. (Full moon day). Arrangement for an engagement ceremony was on at Thokkoolam. Vandana, daughter of a CISF Deputy Commandant officer, is the bride and the groom is a CISF Inspector, Gowtham. CISF band music fill the air! All ranks of the CISF staffs including the Inspector General and the entire village were gathered there except one important personality Vandhana’s affectionate brother, Navin SP, Economics offences wing CID, IDOL Wing, Chennai. He could not attend the function because he is busy in supervising the security arrangement of an International Antique exhibition at Nandambakkam Trade centre, which is about to kick off  by the Union Minister for Culture, Mr. Duraisingam by the next day. The idea of the exhibition is conducted mainly with an eye, to trap the ‘Mayach Chilai’, if it appears in the exhibition.

It is because the idol is surfaced again in Europe after many decades. Now the idol is in possession of an International mafia gang. They barely want to know the era and period of the statue to sell the idol for huge price through the Auction houses. Nithya a Berlin University Museology Research Scholar, followed the track and history of the idol with help his grandfather and UNESCO Archeologist, Sembian Tamilvel.

The gang seriously discussed whether they could know the fact, if the image is displayed in the exhibition? The CISF commandoes were also deployed in the inner most circle of the security wing of the bronze gallery, including Gowtham. At one stage Nithya’s life hangs between two options, either to disclose the facts of the idol to the gang or to die at gun point. Gowtham’s life also wait for her very word at this point, if she discloses the fact he becomes a culprit before law! What ‘word’ can Nithya utter at this juncture for her beloved Navin?

What happened in the exhibition? Navin SP, Economics offences wing CID, IDOL Wing, locked horn with the mafia. Thakkolam war was a great tragedy to the Cholas! Will the history repeat here now? Whether the idol returns to its home land or not is the mystery behind the story. Now let’s join to see minute by minute  heroism of Navin and enjoy it.  



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